A Vivid Portrait of an Extraordinary Life“

Cinda Adams Brooks’ memoir sizzles with the sights, sounds, and smells of her African childhood in the 1960s juxtaposed with a perilous return to that world as an adult. Reading “Heartprints of Africa” is an immersive experience, one that will not be easily forgotten.” Rita Gardner—author of The Coconut Latitudes

“Brilliant writing, a heart-stopping adventure, and unforgettable characters make Heartprints of Africa a keeper.”

Catherine Palmer, author of A Touch of Betrayal and 57 other novels.

Fascinating look at the life of a missionary family in East Africa
“I loved reading about the author’s swashbuckling, fearless missionary father and his remarkably capable wife as they set off with their five young children for a new life at a mission hospital in East Africa. The book has been very well written, well edited and impeccably formatted and is certainly worthy of 5 stars.”

Susie Kelly—author of I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry--#1 Best Seller in African Travel